are stamps expensive at stamp auctions

Collecting stamps is a good hobby as well as a good investment. The rare stamps wanted by the people are a good interest to many buyers. These rare stamps value around millions and this is not a child’s play to have them. Very few of the serious collectors have the rare stamps wanted in their wealthy collections.

A widely spread rumor

Many people attend stamp auctions for the purchase of new stamps. Stamps auctions are held almost everywhere and they are not very difficult to attend. There is rumor that stamps are expensive when bought from the auctions.

Is the rumor true or false?

The above stated rumor is true as well as false in different cases. There are both types of people, those who say stamps are expensive at auctions and those who don’t. This difference is just because of their experience. As we all know that auctions start for a price and then people make bids for the things. In situations, when there are not much buyers available or people are not interested in a stamp, that stamp is sold for a reasonable price. But when a rare stamp is auctioned amongst serious buyers, prices are very high.

So, it depends upon the serious buyers and the quality of the stamps.