Screen Capture Software

Video Capture Software for PC

If searching for the highest quality video capture software, no doubt you’ll want that can record literally any video online. Not only that but record any video playing on your computer offline from a CD/DVD. When factoring in the cost, many would say lower the cost without losing quality is the best case scenario.

It is here where one video recording software, namely Replay Video Capture, that outshines its competition. With regular software version upgrades, support availability, and ease-of-user, even the newest or newbies will be satisfied when using this technology on their Windows PC. See How to Watch TV Shows Online

Unfortunately, there is no Mac version out yet but hopefully the service will develop one in the near future. But as of now, the new version 8 is here prep with more advancements. To some if all up, users can do the following when downloading the software:

  • Screen record any type of video online
  • Great for webinars, chat sites, and webcams
  • Background mode records streaming video from unseen windows
  • All new game recorder
  • Run from USB/Thumb drives
  • Amazing high quality – Up to 100 FPS

What this means is users can record anything on his/her computer such as any live or on-demand TV show, video, sporting event, movie, and so on. They can record from Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and any other TV/VOD website. The picture quality is great and once the user gets the hang of it, will make even better when using the easy-to-use technology.

This video recording software offers the best way to create to quality production recordings in a snap, even from difficult-to-record sources. You can us it to record videos online, and whatever else that plays on your desktop. Even use it to burn recorded content to CD/DVD or store it with an external hard drive to save space on your computer’s internal hard drive.

There’s nothing like having quality recordings to watch in a snap. Start your own video library as hobby or showcase to family members and household guests. When they see you whip old and recent movies, they want to know how you did it.

Believe it or not, Replay Video Capture software is just a screen capture application and one of a kind that lets you screen capture any video of interest using Background Mode. This means if your try to hide the video, for instance, cover with another window or web browser, the RVC will still capture the source without interrupting your recording.

In fact, unlike other video recording programs out there, this one was developed for the highest possibly quality video output. Users can literally record upwards of 100 frames per second and not miss a beat.

Super Easy to Record Any video

Talk about easy… Simply press the ‘Get Video’ button and it will automatically detect the video window on your desktop. Next, click ‘Record’. Once the recording finishes, simply click ‘Stop’ to end it or hit the Pause, which can also resume at anytime. That’s how easy it is to use this video capture software — it’s amazing!