How Watch Live TV and VOD Online

New 3rd-Party Web-Based TV/VOD Delivers Over 11,000 Live TV Channels and VOD

StreamDirect Pro There’s a relatively new 3rd-party service online that delivers 11,000+ TV channels including on-demand content from over 100 countries. TV viewers can watch what they want, when and where they want via any device with web browser and Internet connection. What separates this service from others is the huge content delivered.

Individuals interested in watching live sporting events, TV shows, news broadcasts and movies can get everything they want with this service. The all-in-one platform delivers everything instantly without you surfing the web to find what you want to watch.

This is not software. It’s 100% web-based and compatible to a wide range of devices including Linux computers. The entertainment is very entertaining, whereas getting access to premium live TV channels is worth the low-cost. Not only that, but on-demand streaming movies and TV shows adds more value.

Imagine a service/platform that brings everything to you, within your fingertips – all kinds of global streaming content.  Easily helps locate channels from virtually any country in a very organized way. This is great for those who understand English (1st or 2nd language) and those who want to watch TV in their language.

There are more English television content available which means more movies, TV shows, news, and sports. This is another great way to watch TV on the go, when in another country, or traveling near or afar. Just an Internet-connected device with web browser and StreamDirect Pro is all that’s needed.

Want access to premium live TV channels? This service doesn’t fall short of the mark.

Want to watch NFL football, MLB Baseball, NBA Basketball, NHL Hockey, and all other live sporting events? Then you’ll love watching your favorites.

Want to watch entertaining movies and TV shows? Then be ready to get entertained for hours, days, weeks.

This service continues to upgrade itself with additional features and streaming content. Members can search by channel names, genre, and country. It’s easy and quick to get access to entertaining content. Unlike TV software and freebies out there, this service plenty of value.

Support is very responsive and doesn’t leave members hanging or waiting for help when needed. They take pride in helping members. In fact, you can ask them to include a channel if it’s not included. If a channels doesn’t work, it takes no time to click the link that reports something broken.

The reason for reporting broken channels is because of the humongous links to watch streaming content online. There’s not enough man-power to provide daily maintenance to 11,000 channels. This is why the service relies on its members to report what’s not working.

If searching for an Internet TV option or alternative to cable/satellite, then this service would be something to look at. Those who don’t want to watch everything on small devices such as computers, tablets or smartphones can connect a computer to TV.


Streaming TV and on-demand content to a television is very easy to do now. The first step is knowing what video/audio cable is required that connects both TV and computer.  New and fairly new TVs and computers have HDMI input ports, whereas an HDMI cable is needed.

Simply connect one end of the HDMI cable to computer (HDMI port) and other end to television (HDMI port). Now grab the TV remote and tap Input or Source or whatever command that will show all inputs on the TV screen. Choose the HDMI input port where the computer is connected.

If the connection is done correctly, then whatever appears on the computer screen will appear on the TV screen. Now open StreamDirect Pro in Google Chrome, login, and play any channel. This is how you watch everything on the television in a much larger view.

The streaming content that plays within StreamDirect Pro will use a TV player. The user can click the Full Screen mode to enlarge view of the TV program.

It’s recommended to use a laptop computer and 25 foot audio/video cable. This will allow moving the laptop near you when sitting on the couch or chair. Connect the computer to a wireless (wifi) network. Keep in mind that higher the Internet connection speed, better the overall performance.

To enjoy the best of web TV entertainment, a good 3rd-party web-based TV/VOD like StreamDirect Pro will do just that.

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