Online TV Aggregator for Cable Cutters

Online Entertainment Aggregator


If you are contemplating whether to cut cable/ditch satellite or not, making the decision might be easier now. Select TV unifies all types of web TV and on-demand entertainment that can be access with a stroke of a key. Reading a Select TV Review will cover more details but we’ll highlight some of the benefits this service brings. Of course, there are some downsides but that will come later when watching the video review.

In a nutshell, the service offers a personalized programming guide that collects, updates and organizes what seems to be unlimited Movies, TV Shows, and Channels from across the globe. It aggregates the content when bringing together all types of free and pay-to-watch content to watch online. Many subscription-based content from popular streaming content owners are available.
You can literally watch whatever you want, when you want, from any location in or out of home, on virtually any device!

While claiming to have the world’s largest on-demand library, members can watch favorite TV programs, movies, and even web videos the next day they air – also any episode on-demand. Included with the subscription are 300,000+ television episodes, 200,000+ movies, free VOD, PPV (Pay Per View), 50,000+ radio stations, 5,000+ live channels, games, apps, premium add-ons, and more.

The wealth of streaming content available comes ready-made at your fingertips. The content is conveniently organized by categories with different feature enhancements included. Finding a TV show, movie, or content provider is easy to find.

The low-cost fee of $2.99 USD per month, whereas the total cost is paid on a yearly basis, makes this a no-brainer if saving money is a priority. The service offers a free HD TV antenna, whereas S&H is paid by the subscriber to watch local OTA TV channels from television stations in the area.

Another benefit includes 24/7 streaming channels, whereas 1,000 or so are hand-picked by expert staff. This also includes their lean-back, live, curated, local and worldwide programming recognition. Members get access to hundreds of music videos by genre, comedy, movies, cooking and hobby shows, including sports and news.

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For those who love listening to radio, there are over 50,000 free radio stations with music genres worldwide, which works with almost any device. Kids can benefit when getting access to free family movies as well as kids movies and TV episodes in full length.

As for game players, there are 1,000s of free games online, such as puzzle games, arcade games, sports, multi-player games, casino games, shooting games, and so on.

Another feature is the Pay Per View Deal Finder. You can compare and save on movie rentals when using the Select TV comparison shopping engine. The 3-step process allows you to browse, compare, and buy rent.

The powerful Subscription Manager eliminates costly pre-selected, premium cable bundles. This comes by way of you only selecting what really interest you to watch online.

The best streaming device to use is a computer when it comes to watching Internet TV. There is no need to buy extra media devices or smart TV. Using what you already have like Internet connection, computer and web browser are all that’s needed to get started. A computer can be connected to any TV, HDTV, or smart TV via HDMI (or compatible cable) to watch everything that way.

One thing for sure, there are plenty benefits and features here. However, it wouldn’t be fair to leave out the downsides. The best thing to do is watch a Select TV Review video to see what’s inside – interface, look and feel, features, etc.

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