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Web-Based Television on Your Device

Great Way to Watch Live TV Channels and VOD at Low-Cost

Web-based TV/VODThere is a Direct PCTV Review video that allows interested individuals watch over the shoulders, as the Web TV Guy reveals everything about a popular web-based TV/VOD service. In the video, he takes you through an introduction where you get to see the members area, features, layout, and see how 9,000+ TV channels and video-on-demand content from over 100 countries are conveniently organized.

The Direct PCTV members area navigation makes finding all kinds of live streaming TV channels and on-demand content very easy. There’s also a dedicated live sports section for those who simply love their sports. Streaming content is organized in the following way:

  • Live TV
  • Local TV
  • Global TV
  • Sports TV
  • VOD Movies
  • VOD TV Shows

A well thought out streamlining of tons of TV channels and on-demand content is what makes this web-based service and platform popular.

Then the Web TV Guy takes you through the other two videos where he plays many channels and on-demand content from different countries.

You can watch favorite TV channels and shows from many popular television networks. Direct PCTV direct-connects you to the content; they do not host any of the content on their website. There’s no work involved such as surfing online to find something to watch. There’s no visiting one website after another to watch sports or movie or TV show.

This service delivers everything to the user to watch from one area. In other words, tons of global streaming content is accessible from ones fingertips. If living without cable and satellite, this would be the next best thing. If contemplating on cutting cable or ditching the dish, this web-based service could be a good substitute, without the high cost.

Direct PCTV is a one-time payment, under $40, that lets you become a lifetime member. They offer a service package that includes tech support, platform upgrades, and channel updates. The savings are tremendous when comparing to paid television subscriptions.

However, this web-based TV/VOD service and platform will take a little time getting use too. This is not the same as watching TV on a couch with the TV remote in hand. The user will be confronted with popup ads, whereas they must close the small ‘x’ wherever they appear. There will be timer ads as well, whereas you can’t see the picture as the stream plays. Some live TV channels will have actual commercials.

It will take some patience getting use to these small issues. Nevertheless, you are trading the high cost of cable and satellite which includes convenience for low-cost of Internet TV.  Direct PCTV is a 3rd party service, not affiliated with cable or satellite, that does it best to make the world of watching Internet TV easy.

Since the trade off is the small one-time fee that allows watching many popular TV channels found on cable/satellite, you might say it’s well worth it to make the switch. But rather try to convince anyone this web-based service is a must have, watching the video below will help better understanding the benefits.



You will discover many things about this web-based service when watching the video above. The Web TV Guy covers a lot of territory, so pay close attention. You may be convince this web-based platform and service is worth trying out.

3 Requirements Needed

  1. High Speed Internet Connection
  2. Device (computer (Windows, Mac, Linux) or Tablet, or Smartphone)
  3. Web browser for the device

If saving cost is number one on your list and want to watch TV channels and on-demand content that really interest you, then Direct PCTV is a no-brainer.