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Watching Internet TV In A Very Convenient Way

Watching Internet TVTimes have changed to the point where cable and satellite companies are now being challenged for viewers. According to recent studies, there are more computers in households and sales have climbed for smart phones, laptops and hand-held computers. Adding to this influx of technology spreading across the globe comes Internet TV which can be accessed through Internet-ready computers, TVs, and mobile devices.

Millions of people worldwide have already tapped into the World Wide Web to watch videos online and with the addition of popular television shows streaming over the web, gives new meaning to watching television — the unconventional way.

It’s not who can but rather who can’t enter the web to watch their favorite shows. It’s free and can be easily accessed through any device with an Internet connection – anytime, anywhere. Surfing the web to find sports, news, movies, sitcoms, including other live and on-demand content can be habit forming, as there is unlimited free media content available to all ages. In fact, there is more than enough entertainment to keep a person occupied for a very long time.

Not all content is easily found online. Some of the other issues include going from one website to another to watch a particular channel or show – the reason is no one site carries sports, movies, news, sitcoms, etc. So in essence, viewers are not able to stay in one location to watch everything.

Another issue… there is a wealth of worldwide streaming videos and FTA (free-to-air) channels including music and radio stations online that one must find on his/her own, and then save everything to their computer or device. This means creating specific folders (many of them) to store media website links to be retrieved for viewing later.

There is an easier and quicker way to do this. A way that allows the viewer to streamline and organize the power of Internet TV with the ability to gain access and watch favorite shows from one location. No only that but viewers can add whatever they like to favorites with a click of a button.

Internet TV software technology has grown in recent years to the point where people from all walks of life are downloading and installing software to their Windows PC, Mac and Linux computer. What makes this a popular choices is:

  • No hardware, antenna, TV tuner card, wiring or additional software is required
  • No monthly or hidden fees to pay
  • Setup takes a couple of minutes to complete
  • Small one-time fee with lifetime membership
  • Service package included – tech support/software upgrades/channel updates
  • Watch sports, movies, shows, news or listen to radio and music from one area
  • Access to 1,000s of worldwide channels and over 80 countries
  • Create an extra TV for home or traveling companion when on-the-go


What makes this technology appealing is the user saves time, effort, money where everything is made convenient so that they can watch more and surf the web less. Some of the top 3rd-party web-based TV/VOD services are Direct PCTV, IPCTV and PlayOn that can be used to set up this kind of system.

For individuals living with or without cable and satellite or want to save time and cost or simply like the idea of watching their favorite shows via computer or device, this is a way for them to tap into Internet TV without having to do most of the work themselves.

How to Beat Cable TV High Cost

Watch TV Online ImageIt’s impossible to not hear about many cable TV subscribers complaining about the high cost, lousy service, or some complaint. You, on the other hand, may still be with your cable provider but may be afraid to go Internet TV. This is because you may be afraid what may be on the other side. And rightly so, many cable subscribers feel the same way.

Many of them claim they will gladly give up cable TV if they could watch the same sports. Some have gone even further when saying they won’t be able to watch favorite TV shows, and so on. But that’s further from the truth. Anyone from the US and other countries can watch many of their favorites online.

Add Netflix, Hulu and/or Amazon Prime and most of your on-demand TV shows/episodes and movies are taken care of, without costing a bundle. For live sporting events, there are some low-cost, 3rd party sites to consider. However, there’s a bit of gray area when dealing with those site — but many still do.

Unless your budget isn’t tight, you can sign up to those sports pass websites to watch live NBA, NFL or other games.

To get OTA TV channels from your local area, depending on what country you live in, a good indoor HDTV antenna can do the trick. Yup… You can watch all your local channels from TV stations in your area. And once you connect the HDTV antenna to the TV, you’ll notice immediately how sharp the picture quality is.

Not only can the TV viewer’s budget shrink when cutting the cord, but watching TV Online from ones local area without cable or satellite is something many thought they couldn’t do.

To make things easier, if trying to convert over to Internet TV, there is a free ebook called, “The Ultimate Guide To Watching TV Online, Using What You Already Have.” This resourceful and comprehensive guide covers a lot of territory, in regards to building your own web TV entertainment system.

The reader will learn about using a computer, which is considered the best device to use for watching Internet TV online. Why a computer? The guide explains it quite easily.

Unlike Internet-connected streaming media devices and game consoles that come with a limited number of apps, you’re restricted to those apps that connect to Live TV/VOD websites. Those devices cannot download any TV/VOD software or TV toolbar and for the most part don’t come with a web browser.

Unless you have a smart TV with web browser, you are pretty limited. You don’t have the ability to surf the web and visit any TV/VOD websites, let alone 3rd party sites with streaming content that may interest you. Moreover, a computer can be used as traveling companion and connect to any television.

When connecting a computer to TV, one must use a compatible audio/video cable such as HDMI cable. This cable is the most popular and many newer computers and TVs have HDMI ports. By far, this is the easiest connection to make. You simply connect the HDMI cable to both ends of the TV and computer.

Use your TV remote control and hit ‘Input’ (or something similar) to get the menu Input Options to appear on the television screen. Next, select the HDMI port the computer is connected. Once this is done, anything that appears on the computer (preferably laptop) will be seen on the television screen.

Now visit any TV/VOD website from the internet-connected computer to watch a movie, live sporting event, news broadcast, or TV show, on your big screen. Both computer screen and TV screen will show whatever is playing.

The whole point the free guide points to is using what you already have to save money. The information inside including many TV/VOD resources provided will help create a robust web TV/VOD system. The point again is to save cost when dropping cable or satellite or downsizing ones subscription plan.

This setup can be used with any TV in the household via computer or mini-computer… so if you want to keep  cable or satellite, the second TV can be setup for Internet TV.

To download the FREE ebook… The Ultimate Guide To Watch TV Online, Using What You Already Have… Use this URL…