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How PC Satellite TV Services Work

PC Satellite TV OptionsYou might think from the term itself that this is somehow related to watching Satellite TV on a Windows PC and that a company like DirectTV is behind it all. But that’s not the case, no paid TV network is involved in any way, shape, or form.

These services are still relatively new but have been in existence for several years now. There are top brands out there and not very many good brands and that’s one of the major things you need to take into consideration.

Services like Satellite Direct, Stream Direct, Direct PCTV and others developed there own proprietary software that streamlines and organizes the delivery of thousands of worldwide channels to any Windows PC or Mac computer.

The software used isn’t a ‘standalone’ application. Meaning that it must rely on free media players and plugins such as Windows Media Player, Adobe Flash Player and Real Player in order to play channels on your computer. They also have special codecs in them that are needed to play different types of video and audio media files.

These services all seem to mirror one another and only a few of the top brands have separated themselves from the others. Something else that’s important to know is none of these online services own any of the free channels and other types of media delivered to you.

So what’s the point of it all and why use one of these applications when you can find your own programs to watch online? First understand there are free and paid PC Satellite TV products and they come with different names. But all of them perform basically the same way when delivering tons of free channels to you instantly.

The concept was to come up with a better way that allowed you to save time and effort searching for free programs to watch TV Online, and at the same eliminate having to go from one site to another to watch a certain type of content such as sports or sitcoms or movies.

Since no one website carries all channels and videos, using Internet TV software helps bring everything together, more or less, so that you can watch everything from one location.

These services use technology to scrap free content from the Internet that goes into a database and automatically update channels and other media inside the user’s TV player. The player organizes the channels in alphabetic order and places them in their respective countries.

What also helps users is saving channels to favorites. No longer is it required to search and find channels over the web to save on your computer and them view later. Instead, you stay within the player and can personalize it by adding your own favorite content to watch. Some of these players let you record the programs you are watching and update them as well.

There are other features such as play/pause, full screen, channel rating, etc., depending on which service you decide to go with. There are free and pay-to-download services available on the Internet but there’s a major difference to consider.

Free Satellite TV for PC services (or whatever name applies) often don’t provide as many perks. Don’t confuse this with sites like Those media websites are not part of this group.

Providers own the content and stream channels and videos cross the Internet. They can also elect not to stream them any longer or make them available only at certain times intervals. Often at times, they create adverts that popup when watching a show but you can close the ads or wait until 20-30 seconds or so until the ad finishes. This is how providers make money from their free content.

When inside the player, you can point and click to a particular country to find live and on-demand channels to watch or elect to listen to radio. Other types of content include sports, videos, TV shows, sitcoms, episodes, news, and the list goes on.

Downloading software can help create an extra television for the house when using a desktop, or laptop to create a TV traveling companion. It’s easy enough that even the newest or newbies can do it. Once more, this is by far the easiest, fastest, and cheapest way to watch television over the web.

There’s no installing hardware, wiring to do and most rewarding of all is there are no subscription fees to pay. To say that this technology can replace Satellite and Cable is ludicrous to think so, but having the next best thing isn’t far from the truth.

The requirements needed to make this work is a computer with a broadband connection (Cable or DSL). As a reminder, higher the speed connection the greater the quality of the picture and performance overall.

How Watch Live TV and VOD Online

New 3rd-Party Web-Based TV/VOD Delivers Over 11,000 Live TV Channels and VOD

StreamDirect Pro There’s a relatively new 3rd-party service online that delivers 11,000+ TV channels including on-demand content from over 100 countries. TV viewers can watch what they want, when and where they want via any device with web browser and Internet connection. What separates this service from others is the huge content delivered.

Individuals interested in watching live sporting events, TV shows, news broadcasts and movies can get everything they want with this service. The all-in-one platform delivers everything instantly without you surfing the web to find what you want to watch.

This is not software. It’s 100% web-based and compatible to a wide range of devices including Linux computers. The entertainment is very entertaining, whereas getting access to premium live TV channels is worth the low-cost. Not only that, but on-demand streaming movies and TV shows adds more value.

Imagine a service/platform that brings everything to you, within your fingertips – all kinds of global streaming content.  Easily helps locate channels from virtually any country in a very organized way. This is great for those who understand English (1st or 2nd language) and those who want to watch TV in their language.

There are more English television content available which means more movies, TV shows, news, and sports. This is another great way to watch TV on the go, when in another country, or traveling near or afar. Just an Internet-connected device with web browser and StreamDirect Pro is all that’s needed.

Want access to premium live TV channels? This service doesn’t fall short of the mark.

Want to watch NFL football, MLB Baseball, NBA Basketball, NHL Hockey, and all other live sporting events? Then you’ll love watching your favorites.

Want to watch entertaining movies and TV shows? Then be ready to get entertained for hours, days, weeks.

This service continues to upgrade itself with additional features and streaming content. Members can search by channel names, genre, and country. It’s easy and quick to get access to entertaining content. Unlike TV software and freebies out there, this service plenty of value.

Support is very responsive and doesn’t leave members hanging or waiting for help when needed. They take pride in helping members. In fact, you can ask them to include a channel if it’s not included. If a channels doesn’t work, it takes no time to click the link that reports something broken.

The reason for reporting broken channels is because of the humongous links to watch streaming content online. There’s not enough man-power to provide daily maintenance to 11,000 channels. This is why the service relies on its members to report what’s not working.

If searching for an Internet TV option or alternative to cable/satellite, then this service would be something to look at. Those who don’t want to watch everything on small devices such as computers, tablets or smartphones can connect a computer to TV.


Streaming TV and on-demand content to a television is very easy to do now. The first step is knowing what video/audio cable is required that connects both TV and computer.  New and fairly new TVs and computers have HDMI input ports, whereas an HDMI cable is needed.

Simply connect one end of the HDMI cable to computer (HDMI port) and other end to television (HDMI port). Now grab the TV remote and tap Input or Source or whatever command that will show all inputs on the TV screen. Choose the HDMI input port where the computer is connected.

If the connection is done correctly, then whatever appears on the computer screen will appear on the TV screen. Now open StreamDirect Pro in Google Chrome, login, and play any channel. This is how you watch everything on the television in a much larger view.

The streaming content that plays within StreamDirect Pro will use a TV player. The user can click the Full Screen mode to enlarge view of the TV program.

It’s recommended to use a laptop computer and 25 foot audio/video cable. This will allow moving the laptop near you when sitting on the couch or chair. Connect the computer to a wireless (wifi) network. Keep in mind that higher the Internet connection speed, better the overall performance.

To enjoy the best of web TV entertainment, a good 3rd-party web-based TV/VOD like StreamDirect Pro will do just that.

One Way to Watch Internet TV

One 3rd Party Web-Based TV/VOD Service to Explore

3rd-Party Web-Based TV/VODBesides free and pay-to-use websites to watch TV and on-demand content online, 3rd party services are something to look at. These low pay-to-use services tend to direct-connect to entertaining content, more so than any TV software. The web-based platform allows greater compatibility, just like some of the more popular ones such as Hulu and Netflix.

Members of 3rd party, web-based services can watch live and on-demand content such as TV shows, news broadcast, sports, and movies. Some offer more channels and countries, and even better entertaining content than others. One thing to caution, however, is some gray areas do exist – more or less. Premium channels/networks can be watched online with these services, as well as live sporting events worldwide.

Satellite Direct is one third-party web-based TV/VOD service that can be used to watch TV online. In fact, users can watch many different types of streaming content online from one place. What this means is there’s no need to surf the web to find something to watch. This service includes over 100 countries and said to have 3,500 global channels. There are countries that have more or less channels than other countries.

When using a service and platform like this one, feature enhancements make finding and watching the content easier. Members can add to favorites, search for channel name, and use categories to find the content. Satellite Direct is one of the safer 3rd party, web-based services out there. They weren’t always this way. They started with software years ago, and then converted to web-based but both platforms eventually failed.

As of now, a new ownership has taken over the service and brought forth a new and better web-based platform. So if worried about watching streaming content with copyrights, this is one of the safest that can be used. When watching TV channels which has mostly on-demand content the technology remembers what you watched before. It makes that content available if wanting to watch it again.

Of course, the add to favorite feature comes in handy as well which puts the saved content under favorites. The interface is quick and smooth. Usually, it takes a couple seconds for the TV program to play and does it automatically.

There is no software to download which eliminates incompatibility, computer crashes, screen freezes, virus, and malware. There have been complaints, both past and present, mostly about some TV software. There are many freebies available online to download but are not worth the time. Yet, many people worldwide still download them simply because they are free.

Beware of free and pay-to-use TV software. Surf the web for complaints and scam reports. Be sure to look at system requirements and know whether or not the software is compatible to your system. Many of these products go unsupported, simply because they are free. Usually, they are not compatible to Windows 10 computers, Mac or Linux, smartphones, etc.

Make sure to clean your computer first via antivirus and malware applications. If downloading a TV software that’s harmful, your antivirus software should alert you. If not, then it’s not a good application.  There have been many complaints from individuals about bad software downloaded to their computers.

SatelliteDirect has a 60-day money back guarantee and offers several price-sets to choose from. They even offer a one-time fee with one-year support. But whatever subscription is chosen, there will be 24/7 support. Support also covers channel updates and version upgrades.

Many people are looking at 3rd party, web-based service when exploring the best option to watch TV online. Although some gray areas do exist, many still purchase these services. It’s hard to avoid the entertaining programs such as entertaining old/recent movies and TV shows including live sporting events.


Web-Based Television on Your Device

Great Way to Watch Live TV Channels and VOD at Low-Cost

Web-based TV/VODThere is a Direct PCTV Review video that allows interested individuals watch over the shoulders, as the Web TV Guy reveals everything about a popular web-based TV/VOD service. In the video, he takes you through an introduction where you get to see the members area, features, layout, and see how 9,000+ TV channels and video-on-demand content from over 100 countries are conveniently organized.

The Direct PCTV members area navigation makes finding all kinds of live streaming TV channels and on-demand content very easy. There’s also a dedicated live sports section for those who simply love their sports. Streaming content is organized in the following way:

  • Live TV
  • Local TV
  • Global TV
  • Sports TV
  • VOD Movies
  • VOD TV Shows

A well thought out streamlining of tons of TV channels and on-demand content is what makes this web-based service and platform popular.

Then the Web TV Guy takes you through the other two videos where he plays many channels and on-demand content from different countries.

You can watch favorite TV channels and shows from many popular television networks. Direct PCTV direct-connects you to the content; they do not host any of the content on their website. There’s no work involved such as surfing online to find something to watch. There’s no visiting one website after another to watch sports or movie or TV show.

This service delivers everything to the user to watch from one area. In other words, tons of global streaming content is accessible from ones fingertips. If living without cable and satellite, this would be the next best thing. If contemplating on cutting cable or ditching the dish, this web-based service could be a good substitute, without the high cost.

Direct PCTV is a one-time payment, under $40, that lets you become a lifetime member. They offer a service package that includes tech support, platform upgrades, and channel updates. The savings are tremendous when comparing to paid television subscriptions.

However, this web-based TV/VOD service and platform will take a little time getting use too. This is not the same as watching TV on a couch with the TV remote in hand. The user will be confronted with popup ads, whereas they must close the small ‘x’ wherever they appear. There will be timer ads as well, whereas you can’t see the picture as the stream plays. Some live TV channels will have actual commercials.

It will take some patience getting use to these small issues. Nevertheless, you are trading the high cost of cable and satellite which includes convenience for low-cost of Internet TV.  Direct PCTV is a 3rd party service, not affiliated with cable or satellite, that does it best to make the world of watching Internet TV easy.

Since the trade off is the small one-time fee that allows watching many popular TV channels found on cable/satellite, you might say it’s well worth it to make the switch. But rather try to convince anyone this web-based service is a must have, watching the video below will help better understanding the benefits.



You will discover many things about this web-based service when watching the video above. The Web TV Guy covers a lot of territory, so pay close attention. You may be convince this web-based platform and service is worth trying out.

3 Requirements Needed

  1. High Speed Internet Connection
  2. Device (computer (Windows, Mac, Linux) or Tablet, or Smartphone)
  3. Web browser for the device

If saving cost is number one on your list and want to watch TV channels and on-demand content that really interest you, then Direct PCTV is a no-brainer.

Web-Based TV

Third Party Web-Based TV/VOD Service for Computers, Tablets, and Smartphones

If new to watching Internet TV, you probably want a quick, easy way to watch all your favorite TV channels/shows online. A 3rd party, stream direct web-based TV/VOD service just might be the thing you need. Here’s why: Firstly, there’s nothing technical to do. No software to download nor hardware and wires to install. Secondly the only two things needed are  computer/tablet/smartphone and Internet connection.

When it comes to an Internet connection, a fast connections ensures better picture quality and overall performance. If you can point and click with a mouse, then that’s all the work need to watch whatever is of interest. Many TV viewers today watch live television channels and video-on-demand online. See Watch TV Shows Online

Stream Direct Image

They watch lives sports, news broadcast, movies, and TV shows from around the world. When opting into a low-cost, pay-to-use (3rd-party) web-based TV service, you can the next best thing to cable and satellite. However, there is a bit of gray area here that one must take into consideration.

Third party web-based TV/VOD services aren’t easy to find online. But when opting into one of those services and adding some of the free-to-pay and other pay-to-use services, you can build a robust web TV entertainment system. These stream direct services direct-connects members to entertaining streaming content instantly.

There’s no fumbling around trying to find something to watch, speaking of which there’s no need to surf online to find a favorite TV channels or show. There’s no need to visit one TV or VOD website, one after another, to watch live sporting event, movie, news broadcast, etc.

In other words, a 3rd party web-based TV/VOD service lets you watch all your favorites in one place (sports, movies, TV shows, music videos, news, and so on). Support is provided when needed and the cost to get access to the streaming content cost a lot less than paid television.

If looking for a quick, easy setup that will turn your device into a TV traveling companion or extra television around the house, you won’t be disappointed. However, Internet TV isn’t for everyone. There are some things quite different from traditional television such as closing ads. Live television channels will still include commercials but often at times video-on-demand content will include pop-up ads. These ads you must close yourself.

Not all 3rd party web-based services are created equally, which is a good thing. Some only direct-connect you to live content, no VOD content, whereas you don’t get any pop-up ads – just commercials.

What’s particularly likeable about these services is that you save money and don’t need much to get setup. You take your computer and connect it to any large screen television to watch the same content in a larger view. Must TVs and computers today come with HDMI input ports that makes this connect quite easy. You only need an HDMI cable which can be found on

There’s one stream direct, 3rd party web-based TV/VOD service that should be reviewed further. The link to visit the service is located above. It includes both live and on-demand content. It has over 10,000 channels from over 100 countries.